Is There Fairness In America?

I was reading a story in a Korean newspaper which claimed that 76% of people in Korea do not believe their country is a fair one since some have greater opportunities than other people. If one listen to Tea Party shouters there is an underlying sense of an unbalanced society in which poor people, liberals, and the media enjoy greater power than down trodden common folk like the upper middle class which dominates the organization. The New York Times published a breakdown as to who receives what if the Bush tax cut is continued. It turns out that 1% of Americans will average receiving about $7 million while about 20% get about $300 as their piece of the pie. According to the Tea Party America will collapse because the 1% will not get $7 million but only $6 million. I simply do not know how they will be able to survive in a world which took away at least a million dollars from them. The fundamental question is why so many people are upset at “taking away” a million dollars from someone who is receiving $7 million.

Republicans in Congress refuse to extend unemployment pay for those struggling to survive on grounds the country lacks money and we can not increase the debt. But, they see nothing wrong with increasing the national debt by about $1 Trillion if we continue the Bush tax cuts. WE live in strange times in which people shed tears over the plight of the wealthy and don’t give a damn for those who are close to the bottom.