Is There Life In Arsenic?

A scientific furor has arisen over claims by NASA scientists of their discovery of an arsenic based compound that could serve as a building block of
its DNA. Within weeks, scientists throughout the world have condemned NASA claims charing faulty science, and failure to check for contamination. I welcome scientists who keep on us on our toes about changes in human existence. However, I am concerned at their failure to address the presence of life among those known as members of the Tea Party even though there is lack of evidence this form of life can display any intelligence. Does the existence of the Tea Party prove there can be life without a single piece of evidence the life form is capable of performing intelligent acts? For example, it is difficult to believe an intelligent life form would:

1. Argue you can reduce income to the government while at the same time expediting its payment of debts!

2. Argue that by reducing a debt of $1 trillion by $100 billion would solve the problem of deficits.

3. Argue that it is “SOCIALISM” to pass a health care bill which requires everyone to purchase health care services from private health insurance companies!

We could provide other examples to prove the Tea Party is in need of some arsenic in order to either disappear from the Earth or head back to the planet from which its members came.