Is There Russophobia In America And The West?

In the April 8th issue of the Moscow Times, a column appeared by Alexander Golts which raised the issue as to whether there is a Russiaphobia alive in America and elsewhere. The Moscow Times printed several responses to the column. We believe the comments should be noted since we discussed the issue a few weeks ago.

“Living in the United States for over 50 yers, I can confirm that very few positive comments are published in the mainstream media. The only difference is the name of the country has been changed–instead of the Soviet Union, the U.S. media now uses Russia, but the main message remains the same: Russia is always presented as an enemy. Several days ago, U.S. Senator John McCain lambasted Putin to a group of veterans and received a standing ovation. McCain is the fllow, along with some other neocons who would like to bomb Iran.”
Sergei Loutch, Kingwood, Texas

“I believe Russia’s actions in Georgia are a measured response to a decades long U.S. policy of meddling in the Balkans. The latest example of supporting independence for Kosovo is a flagrant violation of international law by dismembering Serbia.”
Anthony Chernuscheko, Ottawa

“It comes down to what questions Americans are asked. They don’t know what’s going on in the next state, let alone the rest of the world….There are so many important events going on in in the United States that Americans can’t be bothered with what is happening abroad.”
Patrick Chimes, Houston, Texas