Is This Terrorist A Terrorist?

In the rush to uncover al-Qaeda secret agents, law enforcement authorities are quick to jump on any report that a man seized by the police is a terrorist. A major problem with finding terrorists is their refusal to walk around with signs that tell the world they are wanted by Americans or Pakistanis or someone. Instead, they creep in the shadows of cities lurking in darkened doorways refusing to show their face. So, is it any wonder the police encounter problems finding these mysterious figures of the night? Pakistani police told the Americans they had captured a notorious American jihadist named Adam Gadahn, but, alas it turned out although he was an American, he had the wrong name.

It is time for an international standard for anyone who wants to be a terrorist. They should wear distinctive clothes have their name branded on their bodies, and they should spend the day shouting in Arabic their hatred of the United States. It is time terrorists lived up to their names and openly spread terror.