Is This Your Selection To Run Schools?

Imagine you have been elected to the School Board of the town in which you live. You have been appointed to a committee that will interview prospective candidates to serve as Superintendent of Schools. Obviously, the first step in this process is to identify criteria by which to evaluate those appearing before your committee. I assume the following would be on your criteria list:

1. Experience as a teacher in public schools.

2. Experience as an administrator of public schools.

3. Articles written about issues confronting public schools.

4. Membership in professional education groups.

5. Participation in state or national groups examining educational issues.

6. Taught courses to teachers.

7. Their children attend public schools.

8. Has been active in national parent groups dealing with schools.

Mayor Bloomberg selected Cathie Black to head New York City Schools.

1. She has never taught, never led a school and never served on a school board.

2. She does not fit any of the above criteria.

3. She sent her own children to exclusive private schools.

Oh, she has been a very successful businesswoman.