Is Time Magazine Anti-Semitic?

A recent article in Time magazine entitled: “Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace” has led to charges by the Anti-Defamation League charging the magazine was propogating ancient anti-semitism that Jews only care about money. The current government of Benjamin Netanyahu has expanded settlement construction in the West Bank and displaced Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem. Avigdor Lieberman, the foreign minister of the nation, has repeatedly insulted Muslims and deliberately humiliated the ambassador from Turkey. A recent poll indicates while 69% of Israel youth say there is discrimination against Muslims, 59% say it is OK. And, 33% do not wish to be in classes with Muslims. A right wing government rules Israel which is hostile to Arabs and there is no indication of a desire to compromise on issues such as settlement construction or allowing Palestinians to have power in east Jerusalem.

A Rabbi recently called upon Israelis to kill Muslims saying it was perfectly OK since they are evil people. Judaism for hundreds of years has urged social justice and peace. The question is: do modern Israelis agree with social justice as their aim in life?