Is Tony Blair A Terrorist?

The word, “terrorist” is lightly thrown around when conservatives describe actions by Muslims protesting the invasion of Iraq or other military adventures by European nations and the United States, but rarely is it employed when referring to the authors of violence. A Palestinian man approached former UK prime minister Tony Blair and shouted, “you are a terrorist, he is not welcomed in the land of Palestine.” Blair insisted shouting words of protest will not lead to resolution of disputes between Israel and Palestine.

But, Blair never addressed the real issue — was the invasion of Iraq that Bush and he organized an act of terrorism? The result was the death of over a hundred thousand people in Iraq, the destruction of their land and the death of over 4,000 American and over a few hundred British troops. How does one describe those deaths as anything other than the result of terrorism? George Bush is a terrorist. Tony Blair is a terrorist. And these men have killed more innocent people than all the other terrorist