Is Tony Blair Being Mistreated?

Former prime minister Tony Blair believes he is being treated unfairly by the British media whom he describes as “feral beasts of the media” because of non-ceasing criticism of his actions as leader of the nation during the Iraq war. According to Blair, “it’s not true nobody likes me,” and claims “there is a completely different atmosphere outside the country.” On one hand, he probably is speaking the truth for the simple reason world media has not been reporting what has been presented at the Chilcot inquiry. One former minister after another has come forth with testimony that Blair was repeatedly told there were no WMD in Iraq and he refused to accept information from his advisors.

At some point next year, Blair will have to appear before the Chilcot inquiry and respond to evidence presented that he lied to the people of the United Kingdom. He will be asked to respond to evidence that he knew there were no WMD but went ahead with the invasion in order to placate George Bush.