Is Turkish Military Planning Defense Of Secularism?

Military leaders of Turkey have long regarded themselves as the defender and upholder of secular values of Ataturk who founded the modern nation. They have been following rather closely the current case being reviewed by the Constitutional Court regarding charges brought by the Public Prosecutor who claims the Justice and Development Party(AKP) is endeavoring to over throw secularism and impose an Islamist form of government. A newly established newspaper, Taraf, charges the General Staff has prepared an extensive plan of action to manipulate the press and other agencies of Turkey to gain widespread support for the expected decision by the Constitutional Court to order the closing down of the AKP.

The General Staff issued a strong denial of the charges made by Taraf even though it is quite apparent Turkish military leaders would welcome the closure of the AKP. Regardless of whether or not there is a concerted plan of action, there is no doubt leading generals will support the Court decision in every manner than can possibly utilize.