Is UK Witnessing a Reverse Tea Party Surge?

Th United Kingdom obtained its first version of a political debate in which the three major candidates for the position of leading a majority party in Parliament and the result was startling. Nick Clegg, head of the Liberal Democrats wiped out Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Conservative leader, David Cameron. It was most probably the first time political leaders in England squared off and confronted one another in an open debate. Latest figures reveal a dramatic shift in voter views. Cameron and the Conservatives remain in the lead with 31% of the possible vote, but Clegg’s party is now second with 29% and Brown’s Labor party trails with 27%.

What does it all mean? It again demonstrates that people all over the world do not believe their current government has any clue concerning what to do about the world of 2010. The surge for Clegg represents disappointment with Cameron and Brown. Isn’t it about time political leaders focused on life in the twenty first century rather than getting bogged down in 20th century issues? Are you listening, Barack?