Is US Or Taliban On Offense?

Ordinarily, a nation that is under attack by rebel elements assumes the posture of defense, but in Afghanistan, it becomes unclear whether Americans are playing defense or offense. General David Petraeus told reporters it is still unclear who has the momentum in the war because, “I would not say we have reversed the momentum in all areas by any means.” According to the general, US, NATO, and Afghan forces “have blunted it(Taliban momentum) but “perhaps the Taliban are still trying to expand.” The famous plan to drive Taliban forces from the important Marjah market town still has not witnessed results he hoped would have been achieved by this point. A basic problem is”with the Taliban fighting back very hard.” Of course, this raises interesting questions regarding what is happening in Afghanistan. A planned offense to gain control of a village has been going on for months and there is still no sign American forces have assumed control of the area.

One is reminded of an old song, “did you ever get the feeling you are going ahead, no, that you are going back, ahead, back.”