Is Yemen Another Egypt?

Change arrives in unusual ways throughout the history of America. In 1776 a group of farmers in Massachusetts fired on a column of British troops and ushered in a revolutionary change in the world even though the farmers had no desire to initiate a war. A month ago, a frustrated young man who saw police destroy his little fruit stand, became so upset that he set himself on fire and created a revolution in his native Tunisia. After thousands gathered in Cairo to demand the end of the Mubarak era, their voices were heard hundreds of miles away in Yemen where a different group of protesters gathered to let their strongman, Abdullah Saleh it was time to follow the route of his Egyptian buddy, Mubarak and head for more pleasant places to live. Undoubtedly, shook by what happened in Egypt, Yemen police and soldiers began to exert greater force against the crowds who were demanding democracy. They beat them with truncheons, daggers and sticks.

No one as yet knows the full extent as to what happened in Egypt and neither do we know what will happen in Yemen. We can only hope the spirit of democracy will triumph.

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