Islam Bothers Some People

As an inhabitant of the United States of America in 2012 nothing surprises me when reading how some people feel about Muslims. There is a fascination with stories concerning Muslim terrorists even though just about every mass shooting is performed by someone of the white Christian faith. Suhayl Rahman is a teacher in England who has encouraeged his sons to excel  in chess. Now, what could possibly cause trouble when three Muslim boys want to play chess. The boys were entered in a chess tournament and soon  parents began to shout curses at the boys. One parent even grabbed his son and shoved the boy while she went on about those Muslims and terrorism.

The parents had asked if the hotel served halal food and was informed they could have such food. Upon arriving they were told there was no such food. After some parents complained the hotel management asked the Rahman family to take their business to another hotel.

Their son won a bronze medal.  But, as far as hatred is concerned, the non-Muslim parents won the gold medal.