Islamic Militants Boast Of Blasting Jaipur

A little-known Islamic miltant group took credit for the series of bomb blasts in the Indian city of Jaipur which cost the llives of 63 people and lest dozens wounded. The Indian Mujahideen emailed video clips of a bicyle wich was packed with explosives that were set off at one of half a dozen sites in Jaipur with the aim of disrupting the tourist industry. The Muslim group also claimed to be responsible for last November blasts that rocked courthouses in the several north Indian cities. The group made clear it is a home grown terrorist organization which is engaged in a Jihad against fundamentalist Hindu groups which they claim have attacked Muslims.

The ongoing religious wars continue, in the Middle East it is Muslims versus Christians and Jews, in Asia, it is Muslims versus Hindus and Hindus versus Muslims.

The bomb blasts also threw a scare into India’s premier cricket league since several Australian players have said they will not play unless provided better security.