Islamist Victory In Tunisia

The prevailing reality in the Middle East is that dictators tend to be more secular since they do not trust clerics to gain power and impose their ideas on the nation. Tunisia got rid of its secular dictator and just held an election. The results are what was expected- a victory for th Ennahda party led by Rachid Gahnouchi. This victory sent a shock of fear through secular women and men who now confront the reality of clerics seeking to impose their views of morality upon the entire population.

Ghannouchi  insists his party will  not impose Sharia law. Imagine being a Tunisian Jew who has lived for centuries in this land, but now is under the rule of clerics. Imagine being a woman who dresses like any woman in Paris and works in a corporation. Will they continue enjoying freedom to be who they are and  live and dress as they desire?

That is the question.