Islamists Lose In Kuwait!

Fear of Islam and terrorists has been a staple of the right wing American media since 9/11 and the attempt to portray those of Muslim faith as synonymous with violence has become part of thinking in too many places in the world. The reality of Islam is far from the portrait painted by Fox News and people like Rush Limbaugh. The recent elections in Kuwait revealed a dramatic drop in power for Islamists in Parliament while women won four seats for the first time in history. This election comes a month after Indonesian voters witnessed a drop in votes for fundamentalists of over 10 percentage points.

It would be surprising if American conservatives ever told the truth about the vast majority of Muslims who oppose violence and hatred. The next step in moving away from hysteria is for Israel to reach out to moderate Muslims and agree to an independent Palestinian state. This will set the course of history moving in new directions within the Middle East.