Israel Accuses Sweden Of Diplomatic Coup

Once upon a time a long time ago there was a nation named Israel which held itself up to the world as a symbol of decency and respect for the rights of all humans. But, as the years passed, Israeli leaders adopted the stance the entire world was against their nation and therefore it could act and do as it wished regardless of world public opinion. However, this brave stance doe snot apply when nations suggest that all may not be perfect in the kingdom of Israel. Israel newspapers charge that Sweden in its role as the alternating president of the European Union will make reference to Jerusalem as being both the capital of Palestine and Israel. Of course, most European Union nations support the concept that Jerusalem should be the capital of both nations, but the very thought appears outrageous to the Israel government.

It is rather amusing when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists Palestinians can not come to the bargaining table with preconditions, but he insists that all nations accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Isn’t that a preconditon?