Israel Against The World!

Members of the US Congress are rallying behind Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who played to the orchestra in his speech to Congress by emphasizing how much Israel has worked for peace only to be rejected by Palestinians. Important Democratic legislators are complaining that President Obama had no right to emphasize the importance of the 1967 border and only encouraged Palestinians to refuse compromise. Their statements simply reflect that Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are not the only voices of ignorance in America. Israel will soon be completely isolated from the entire world–except for the US Congress, that is. Hossan Zaki, a senior adviser to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, told the Australian media, “my sense is that if Israel continues to ignore international calls for achieving peace on a just basis,” and continues to block Palestinian efforts at reconciliation, “no government in Egypt will be allowed to ignore those feelings.”

In simple language, this means the Israel treaty with Egypt will end, its agreements with Jordan will end, and, aside for such staunch foreign policy experts like Sarah Palin and Fox News, the people of Israel will be completely isolated. That is why dozens of Israel military officers have urged reaching an agreement with Palestinians, based on the 1967 border.