Israel Agrees To Egyptian Negotiated Truce

An Israel delegation arrived in Cairo today to pursue further discussions with Egyptian mediators and Hamas officials for a long term cease fire in Gaza. The Israel Cabinet has decided to call off plans for a full blown invasion of Gaza and will work with Hamas in order to end violence in the Gaza area. General Amos Gilad will draw upon the talent of Egyptian Intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, to finalize details on the cease fire. The cease fire entails an end to rocket attacks from Gaza, an end to any terrorist attack emanating from Gaza, and assurances that all terrorist groups in Gaza agree to these ideas. In return, Israel will lift its blockade of Gaza.

The agreement is composed of three stages. In stage one, all rocket and terrorist attacks will end. After a few weeks, Stage 2 will kick in with Israel gradually lifting the blockade. In stage 3, all aspects of the blockade will end and Gazans will have freedom to move in an out of the Strip.

Fortunately, calmer heads have asserted themselves and hindered efforts by war hawks for violence which would have made impossible any peace between Israel and Palestinians leaders.