Israel And Hamas Defy One Another

Israel and Hamas continue to deny that either side is ready to produce a peace that will be respected by the other side. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni made clear her government was not prepared to work with Hamas until it ceases its military operations while Hamas made clear it does not believe Israel is abiding by agreements that were signed as part of the truce. Livni told the world, “as long as Hamas continues to operate with terror from Gaza, Israel will operate with its own means. We cannot allow Gaza to remain under Hamas control.” Even as she spoke, Hamas announced the truce that supposedly operates in Gaza will end the coming week.

Both sides have scant trust in the other. Hamas signs a truce agreement and allows rockets to be fired into Israel. Israel signs a truce agreement and imposes blockades on the people of Gaza. It is clear since neither side can trust the other, a third party presence is required. We suggest placing Turkish soldiers to be responsible for guarding the border of Gaza, ensuring supplies enter, and ending all rocket attacks. Turkey is trusted by both Israel and Hamas. At this point, both sides need several months of stability before they can negotiate anything.