Israel And Hamas Hesitate On Cease Fire

The impasse between Hamas and Israel continues with each side digging in its heels in order to prove to their supporters and the world that common sense is not part of their makeup when opportunities are presented to make political points. Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told George Mitchell that his nation is opening Gaza crossings to allow in humanitarian supplies but if such openings are to continue then Hamas would have to free Sgt. Gilad Schalit who was kidnapped months ago near Gaza. Hamas officials told Mitchell if Israel wanted Schalit to be freed there would be a price. “If they want to release Schalit, they have to pay a price in return… the 11,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israel jails waiting to be released.”

The life of any human is precious, but in the real world, doctors make choices about life and death because circumstances indicate a baby’s life depends on a mother’s death. In war, doctors constantly make choices which wounded soldier gets their attention and which will probably die. Israel is claiming a single life is more important than peace after just completing an operation in which over 500 innocent civilians died in the name of saving the lives of Israel soldiers. If a single life is more important than the lives of others, why did Israel soldiers argue they had to fire into areas where Hamas fired from even though civilians were in the area because the civilians had to die to ensure the lives of Israel soldiers? There is something wrong with the Israel equation. Peace is now the most important thing. Once peace arrives, Sgt. Schalit will be freed.