Israel And Hamas “Welcome” A Cease Fire

Israel and Hamas both “welcomed”–but did not accept– an Egyptian-French plan for a cease fire agreement. The United States finally placed some pressure on Israel to agree to a cease fire as Secretary of State Condi Rice telephoned Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and urged an end to the fighting. However, Rice also added: “Our goal must be the stabilization and normalisation of life in Gaza.” But any cease fire “has to be a solution that does not allow the rearmament of Hamas.” Egyptian president Mubarak was reportedly trying to get a 48 hour cease fire to provide time to work out details of a longer term agreement. Hamas made clear it would insist that Israel forces withdraw from Gaza and open all crossings. Hamas leaders did not make any promises of halting rocket attacks.

The proposed plan includes such ideas as:

A cease fire to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza.

An international presence on the border of Gaza that might include American, Turkish and European Union soldiers.

The reality is no cease fire will last unless Hamas ends its rocket attacks once and for all. At the same time if rocket attacks end, Israel must open all border crossings.

  • kaddie

    The real truth is that no lasting peace with Israel will be possible until Israel renounces it’s racist dogma.

    Make no mistake about it – Israel is a racist country with neo-Nazi behavior.

    “The nation of Israel is pure and the Arabs are a nation of donkeys. They are an evil disaster, an evil devil, and a nasty affliction. The Arabs are donkeys and beasts. They want to take our girls. They are endowed with true filthiness. There is pure and there is impure and they are impure.”
    — Rabbi David Batzri, head of the Magen David Yeshiva in Jerusalem [Haaretz, March 21, 2006]

    “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”
    — Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994 [N.Y. Times, Feb. 28, 1994, p. 1]

    These are just a few of the quotes from Rabbis that advise Israel’s highest leaders including Olmert and Livni.

    This mentality guides the treatment for the non-Jews in Israel.

    EVERY DAY, Arabs in the territories are subjected to harassment in the form of having their children used as target practice, the stoning of old women and men, the destruction of all food supplies including crops and orchards.

    Israel claims that it was justified in these acts (because of course using children as target practice is justifiable in the minds of racists) because of Hamas’s activities in Gaza.

    However, Israel’s harassment also occurs on a DAILY BASIS in the West Bank. So what now is their excuse?

    What’s even more important is that Israel is officially channeling Nazi tactics by opening an Office of Propaganda whose job is to feed the press the images of Israel’s actions during war so that the negative feedback they received during the Lebanese war is limited.

    And the Israeli Government, using another Goebbels tactic, is illegally preventing the Press from entering Gaza to report the story for themselves.

    On top of that, Israel’s Office Of Propaganda has organized a blog writing campaign whereby it using SPAM technology to comment on blogs and it closes blogs to comments so that its blogs appear to be the most active, and only those comments that are in line with their story are posted.

    Israel is the world’s worst democracy and the world’s most dangerous country because it engages in a game in which every non-Jew is treated as either a pawn or prey.

    Unfortunately, as an American I am being used as pawn but I refuse to be Israel’s fool.

    Israel is an Apartheid state and no peace will ever come until Israel changes.

    These images are reported in the US Press as the lead story or front page news. They are buried in the papers, and not reported on TV at all.

    Just yesterday, the International Committee of the Red Cross posted this statement:

    “Red Cross workers and four ambulances from the Palestine Red Crescent Society managed to enter the Zaytun neighborhood of Gaza City on Wednesday, according to a written release. The crew found four children, too weak to stand, next to their dead mothers in a house containing 12 corpses, the statement says.

    Other houses revealed more wounded and three more corpses, the release said. It said Israeli soldiers posted near the houses ordered the rescue team to leave the area — an order the team refused.

    “This is a shocking incident,” said Pierre Wettach, the ICRC’s chief official for Israel and the Palestinian territories. “The Israeli military must have been aware of the situation but did not assist the wounded. Neither did they make it possible for us or the Palestine Red Crescent to assist the wounded.”

    The Red Cross release said the children and other wounded were taken to ambulances in a donkey cart because earth walls erected by Israeli soldiers made it impossible for the ambulances to reach their neighborhood.

    It said the group was told more wounded people were in the neighborhood, and demanded that Israel grant it and the Red Crescent immediate access and safe passage to search for them.”

    Israel goes on to state in the article that as of 12AM on Thursday they had no knowledge of this WRITTEN STATEMENT that was posted on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON.

    So apparently, Israel is too incompetent to learn how to read but they are competent enough to fire weapons?!?

    These atrocities are committed with American bullets, American rockets, American Tanks, American planes, and American helicopters.

    If we continue to permit, Israel to murder with our weapons and money then we are as guilty as the Germans that stood by silently while the Nazis committed their crimes and GOD will forsake us again as He did on 9-11.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Each year in Muslim nations about 1,000,000 copies are sold of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and hundreds of thousands of copies of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” Both are filled with lies and insults to Jews. It is not too difficult to accumulate hatred by Jews of Arabs or vice versa. So, what is your point? You quote newspaper stories, but no data stated by government leaders.
    The FACT is the more than one million Muslim Arabs in Israel enjoy more freedom than Arabs in any nation of the Middle East except for Turkey. Yes, there is discrimination against Arabs, but please explain why 750,000 Jews fled Muslim nations in the 1950s.