Israel And Iran Clash In Turkey!

The war of words between Israel and Iran escalated to a new outbreak of verbiage after an Israel minister sharply criticized a recent energy agreement between Turkey and its eastern neighbor. Israeli Infrastructure Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer told the Turkish press, the recent agreement between Iran and Turkey over natural gas would only encourage further conflict in the region. “It is very, very bad,” he said about the agreement. “I think it is the worst thing that can happen n the world, encouraging Iran.” under the agreement, Turkey will develop three Iranian natural gas fields.

Iran’s embassy in Ankara sharply attacked the statement and accused Israel of seeking to create turmoil in the Middle East. It also vowed complaints from Western nations and Israel would not halt its efforts to work cooperatively with other Middle East nations.

Each time Iran enters into peaceful relations with other nations in the Middle East, the pursuit of peace becomes easier. An Iran which is actively engaged in peaceful economic development with other nations is a positive, not a negative development. Israel should welcome Turkish involvement in economic relations with Iran.