Israel And Politics Of Right Wing Extremism

The people of Israel who long ago represented the forces of liberal socialism have turned to embrace the politics of right wing extremism. Avigdor Lieberman, a former night club owner and bouncer, surged to gain at least 15 seats in the Knesset and thus able to enjoy the power of determining the composition of the Israel cabinet. Tzipi Livini, leader of the middle right wing Kadima actually won the most seats for her Kadima party, but right wing conservative Bemjamin Netanyahu’s Likud only trailed her by one seat and he will be able to gain the support of the Lieberman’s of Israel in order to organize a government. Unfortunately, for whoever assumes leadership of Israel, they will have to court the support of conservative religious parties which seek to impose religious conformity on the nation.

The Israel people allowed fear rather than rational thinking to guide their electoral decisions. They were just like Americans in 2004 who backed Bush in order to secure what they believed was “national security.” Israelis will be disappointed when there is no progress towards peace and violence continues.