Israel And Politics Of Tuk-Tuks

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there were people in Israel who fought for the rights of all people to enjoy fundamental rights of human dignity. Alas, time went on, each attempt at peace with Palestinians failed leading to success and those who had hope turned instead to despair and hopelessness. Gaza now is an economic disaster. To even get a job, a Palestinian must adhere to the Hamas platform of no peace. To get the economy moving would require Israel to end its stifling blockade which prevents bright young men and women to use entrepreneural skills in stimulating economic growth. During recent months, the entrepreneur spirit has been uplifted by introduction of tuk-tuks. The tuk-tuk is a motorized richshaw that can be used to deliver goods. Hundreds of young men are purchasing a tuk-tuk so they can earn a living without depending upon Hamas. An intelligent Israel government would understand the best way to attack Hamas is not with bombs, but with economic growth.

Tuk-tuks now wind their way through slums of Gaza delivering food from UN stations or bringing in supplies from smugglers. Once again, Israel has failed to grasp the power of economics. A wise Israel would end economic restrictions and witness economic growth, the enemy most feared by Hamas.