Israel-Apologizing Is Anti-Semitism!

It is difficult identifying whether it is the United States or Israel which is the most prone to ignoring reality. Turkey for nearly four decades has been the only Arab nation which had friendly relations with Israel and one would assume maintaining this relationship was a high priority for the government of Israel. Alas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is simply the Israeli version of Tea Party ignorance of history. He consistently has refused any semblance of “I am sorry” to the Turkish government due to deaths of Turkish citizens who were on the flotilla that was headed for Gaza.

The stubborn attitude of Israel to say, “I’m sorry Turkish citizens died, ” has led to a virtual rupture of relations between the nations. One would assume at a time of dramatic changes in the Middle East, the government of Israel might work to keep the few friends it has in the region. Ah, but to Israel Tea Party morons, never saying you are wrong exemplifies the meaning of being Jewish.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak spent a few hours with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who urged him to just say, “we are sorry” and move on. Barak told her, “we are willing to consider an apology over problems that arose during the operation on the Mavi Marmara. I don’t like it, but it’s the choice that needs to be.”

Wow! Israel might apologize. Now, could Israel Tea Party idiots convey a message to their American counter parts and ask them to COMPROMISE!