Israel Arrogance Or Ignorance?

Haggai Alon, writing in Haaretz, argues the Israel government has failed to grasp it is not the equal of superpower America, and, in so doing, is moving along the road to disaster. “The United States is a superpower, it is doubtful whether Israel is even a regional power.” But, religious right Jewish leaders speak defiantly of doing whatever they desire regardless of the United States, Europe or the UN because they are God’s children and He gave them the land of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu is ready to confront the world and prove that Israel IS a world power that all nations should respect. Unfortunately, American generals like Petraeus have informed the president that military operations for US forces in the region are impacted by refusal to Israel to work for peace. At some point, that reality will impinge on the fantasy world of Israel. l

Events may well raise new security issues for Israel. What if Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank reach a compromise agreement and then invite a UN or Arab force into Gaza to ensure security. What then will be the reaction of Israel? Alon raises a realistic question as to whether the current stubborn stand of the Netanyahu government simply provides Arabs opportunities to assume leadership for peace in the Middle East.