Israel Asks China To Join In Iranian Sanctions–Told No

Israel’s Foreign Minister Tzipi LIvni asked the government of China to join in the Israel-US attempt to isolate Iran through imposition of sanctions on its government. A spokesperson for the Foreign Minister,, LIu Jianchao offered a negative response to the request. “China has always believed that unbridled use of sanctions should be discouraged in dealing with international issues. We believe a peaceful resolution to the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomacy to be the best option that would serve the common interests of the international community best.”

Cuba has been confronted with sanctions from the United States government for half of century and that policy has not led to regime change in that country. In modern times, there are so many unofficial ways in which nations can circumvent sanctions, that such an approach to dealing with conflict invariably leads to failure. President Bush and Israel simply will not confront the realities of our global world. Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola are sold openly in Iran, and one can find numerous examples of American manufactured goods being used. Most probably, American companies set up phony front companies in other nations, sell the products to their phony subsidiary and get around sanctions. Israel would be better served by seeking the cooperation of China to work with Iran on the nuclear issue.