Israel Blames Hamas For Gaza Troubles

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, called on world leaders to take action against Hamas for creating turmoil in Gaza. “As we speak, Israel citizens are being attacked by Hamas. Israel can not stand idly by while its citizens are being attacked. When Israel is attacked, it must respond. No nation asks Israel to stand idly by while its citizens are attacked, but Livni ignores attacks by Israel West Bank settlers on Palestinians who are trying to harvest their crops or restrictions which economically damage the ability of Palestinians to carry out their work. David Miliband, foreign secretary, called on both sides to seek peace in Gaza but also asked Israel to cease expanding West Bank settlements.

Many European nations want pressure to be exerted on West Bank settlements in order to remove a barrier to peace in the Middle East. In a speech earlier this month, Miliband expressed his concerns: “Settlement activity is illegal, it also makes a Palestinian state more difficult to achieve.”