Israel Blasts Away

It is now confirmed that Israel bombers blasted away at a Russian ship which was in a Syrian harbor in order to deny the Assad government acccess to weapons of war. The attack came just as President Assad met a deadlines for eliminating Syria’s entire stockpile of chemical weapons. During the past few years, Israel has blasted away inside Syria at weapon shipments from Russia which arrived in Syria. Each side pretends the other does not know about the bombings because if Russia admitted its weapons were inside Syria, then it would raise international anger. So, everyone pretends and acts innocent about weapons inside Syria sent by outside nations. Israel insists that “game changing weapons” will not be allowed to exist. Syria pretends there are no weapons. And, Russia pretends it does not know there is a civil war in Syria.

The good news is destruction of chemical weapons. The bad news is new weapons of destruction in Syria. The good news is those weapons no longer exist. The bad news is that Russia is furious. And, the good news is no one knows anything. Ignorance is bliss–sometimes!!