Israel Blasts Jew Haters In EU!

The one consistent message of the Israel government of Benjamin Netanyahu is that any presentation of  what transpires in Israel is condemned  as examples of Jew haters seeking to destroy his nation. Once again, the European Union urged Israel to focus on peace instead of taking actions whose end result will be conflict and hatred. The goal of the EU, as well as those who seek peace and prosperity for Israelis is the presence of “two nations, side by side,” working together for peace.

Instead of peace, the EU seeks acceleration of settlement construction, evictions and demolitions  and evictions of Palestinians. Instead of peace there is constant violence–not by Palestinians under the Palestinian Authority, but settlers who “threaten to  make a two state solution impossible.”

Netanyahu once again denounces such presentation of reality as biased against Jews and not in accordance with “realities on the ground.” As one who has been termed a “self hating Jew” because I seek peace for ALL in the Middle East, the Israel government has met the enemy, and he is them!