Israel Bombed–Gaza Tunnels Rebuilt- What Next?

After nearly three weeks of unrelenting bombing a high percent of tunnels leading from Gaza to Egypt were destroyed, but work has already begun on constructing a new set of tunnels that will smuggle in goods, fuel, and weapons. Perhaps, the assumption on both sides is to have one more whack at trying to destroy Gaza and kill the people who live in this unfortunate place. There is no question dozens of tunnels have been destroyed and there is now a new awareness among Egyptian officials they can no longer simply look aside from tunnel construction and smuggling operations. Hamas insists it won a “great victory” which is a rather strange comment since 1,300 people in Gaza died compared to 13 Israeli and major sections of Gaza are in ruin.

There is an eerie sense that reality for Hamas is not the same as reality for the average citizen of Gaza or the average citizen of Israel. The disparity in reality is also evident in the belief of many Israelis that they have won a “great victory.” No “victory” was won by anyone. It was a “great defeat” for all involved in this episode in death and destruction.

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