Israel Close To Gaza Operation As Kassams Hit Targets

There, undoubtedly, are happy people in Gaza or elsewhere in the Arab world who are proud rockets are being fired into Israel. Kasam rockets land on targets or blow up in empty fields while occasionally a few hit people in Gaza, but, that is of no importance to those committed to the proposition only violence will resolve Palestine’s conflict with Israel. The latest round of attacks on Israel has resulted in the almost growing certainty Israel’s Defense Force will launch an invasion of Gaza to wipe out rocket sites. According to some sources, the IDF attack may even go beyond that goal and result in elemination of the Hamas government. Defense Minister Barack said his nation no longer would tolerate rocket fire on their cities.

There is scant doubt missiles are coming into Gaza from Iran and that Syria is playing a role in encouraging Hamas to use this approach to dealing with current issues with Israel. The Hama government sometimes approachs problem solving with an “Appointment in Samarra” attitude that accepts an appointment with death as the only way in which peace efforts can be furthered. Yes, to the gleeful who shout approval at a rocket hitting an Israel home, violence resulted in hurting an Israeli citizen. But, what about the hundreds or thousands who might die if Israel forces invade Gaza? Hamas leadership is more interested in scoring points than in scoring peace.