Israel Continues Military Operations

The dogs of war when unleashed are difficult to reign in once they get their teeth into the flesh of victims. Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak made clear the Israel Defense Force (IDF) will continue its operations despite attempts by the UN to halt fighting and restore decent living conditions for the Gaza population. He emphasized while Israel respects the UN, “the fighting goes on and he IDF is continuing to apply force.” The Israel argument is they have a right to restore peace in southern areas of their nation and the operation, according to Chief of Staff, General Ashkenazi, “we have achieved exceptional results in damaging Hamas, its infrastructure, and its military wing.” He denied reports that IDF is using white phosphorous bombs.

Israel claims to have destroyed about 70% of the tunnels in Gaza which leaves one wondering why there was need to bomb civilian areas if tunnels were a major focus of the attack. One is also left wondering if Hamas leadership overestimated their ability their ability to deal with an Israel attack. In cases where two parties indulge in constant rhetoric and defiance, the end result is civilians will suffer as are the people of Gaza who are caught in a no man’s land where words of defiance are hurled nonstop until guns begin to blaze and children begin to die. Israel went beyond the limits of a response by killing hundreds of civilians and Hamas went beyond its own capacity to defend Palestinians by seeking a military confrontation that could have been avoided.

In the end, death and destruction results for the innocent.