Israel Court Acts Judicial!

Fortunately, for the cause of human rights and justice in Israel, the nation’s Supreme Court  continues to support the essential values of the Israel people and government. It announced that recent efforts of the government of Prime Minister Benjamin  Netanyahu to find a way to allow West Bank Jewish settlers to  continue seizing Palestinian land was in violation of Israel law.  The Court ordered closure and demolition of the Migron  settlement. It is clear that Palestinians had legal papers which  proved they owned the land PRIOR TO  1967!

For those of us who welcomed the birth of a democratic Jewish state, the record of oppression and violence against Palestinians is a dark period in the history of Jewish people. Seizing land in the name of God insults God. I doubt if there is a “God” he prefers one set of humans to other sets of humans. Israel must return to its basic democratic principles which respect the rights of ALL people.