Israel Defense Minister Opposes Gaza Invasion

Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak emphasized the current policy of negotiation and relying on a cease fire offers better potential for peace in Gaza than following policies of those who seek an armed invasion of the area by Israeli forces. He pointed out even if IDF troops “stay there two years and destroy the Hamas regime down to the last office and the lat operative” in the aftermath Israel would still be confronted by an angry people who would continue supporting Hamas or groups of a similar nature. He stressed Israel cannot “control another people against their will and the Palestinian people” will still choose Hamas.

Barak pointed out the cease fire has held and rockets no longer are hitting targets in Israel. He admitted there was smuggling of ammunition and weapons into Gaza but argued the overall peace that now prevails is worth the risk.

Now, if Israel leaders can take the next step and have Hamas participate in negotiations with the Palestinian authority, there might be a chance for peace.

  • Jeugenen


    Israel occupies that land usurped at the end of World War II from Palestinian territory, by the victorious British, for the colonial establishment of the millions of undesirable Marxist Jews, pathetic refugees from Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the USSR, who were categorically denied immigration into the United Kingdom and Europe.

    Historically, entire populations of Europeanized Jews had previously been forcefully expelled democratically by England, France, Spain, and Germany after experiencing their culturally unacceptable patterns of anti-Christian and criminal competition. Their recent notorious adherence to Marxist revolutionary ideology stigmatized them further, as morally despicable and politically dangerous people, except in America where a large competitive population of this type had never previously been experienced.

    Now, it is in the vital best interests of the United Nations of the World to formally accept Israel’s illegal existence as a permanent independent colony for all undesirable Jews from everywhere in World; after Israel and her supporting Diaspora formally apologizes, and justly and honorably agrees to fully compensate the Palestinians for all of their stolen territory, their destroyed infrastructure, and their losses of innocent lives.

    Because it is the Palestinians, not the Israelis, who have been unjustly denied the inalienable Human rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the past 60 years; only the Palestinians have the moral power to sanction Israel’s right to permanently colonize Palestinian territory; and they shall grant that occupation right only after having received sufficient economic retribution to enable all desirable Palestinians to then happily emigrate and acquire education, property, and immigrant citizenship in those countries where their social and economic contributions are welcome.

  • Fred Stopsky

    You enjoy printing the same biased comments, don’t you? I have presented a concise history of the Jewish presence in the Middle East which you completely ignore. Jews have always been in what is termed Palestine, and it was the Ottoman Empire which invited Jews in the 1880s and 1890s. All land obtained by Jews from 1880-1948 was purchased and sold to them by Arabs.
    Please read a history book, that is, if you can.

  • Jeugenen


    Israel and the supporting American Neo-Con/Neo-Lib Diaspora notoriously donate thousands of dollars to elect corruptible American presidential and congressional officials, who then repay Israel a thousand fold from precious tax revenues; with millions of dollars worth of technologically advanced military equipment and services, and with the priceless lives of thousands of young patriots. In the case of the un-Constitutional Iraq War, Podhoretz Neo-Con Bush sacrificed over a trillion dollars and the lives of 4,000 young patriots, to sole benefit of the World condemned Judeofascist Israeli Land Robbers.