Israel Defense Minister Warns of Action Against Iran

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned the world his nation is prepared to take any necessary action in order to ensure that Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons. Barak told an Italian newspaper that a nuclear Iran would be “dangerous to world order” and he emphasized all options for dealing with a nuclear Iran were on the table and could be used. However, he did emphasize the importance of “accelerating economic sanctions against Iran” as a primary weapon to deal with nuclear development in that country. “Either way, we need to keep very option open. If they provoke us, or they attack us, our army is prepared to attack and to succeed uncompromisingly.”

There is no question those in charge of Iran are deliberately challenging leading nations of the world by refusing to accede to requests to focus on peaceful uses of nuclear development and to end military considerations. However, attacking Iran is also a foolhardy approach that will only lead to devastation in the region. The path of economic pressure must be pursued even though it takes time and does not appear to be the macho approach to dealing with Iranian leaders. In many respects, President Ahmadinejad is the type of leader who wants military action so he can pose as a courageous leader.