Israel Defiant And Historically Ignorant

The modern Israel political leader most closely resembles Tea Party rants of anger and defiance against forces of evil, some of which do exist and some of which have long disappeared from the scene of action. Michael Oren, the Israel ambassador to the United States launched into a torrent of words designed to prove Israel will not be bullied by anyone, so there! All too often in life, the bully shouts the loudest about being bullied. Oren told the world, “like Ben-Gurion, Netanyahu will not allow the United Nations or any other organization to dictate our borders. They will be determined through negotiations.” Sounds mighty tough. Unfortunately, his words lack any semblance of reality or historical truth. For example:

1. The original borders of Israel WERE DETERMINED BY THE UNITED NATIONS! Has he forgotten the Partition Plan of 1947? As I recall, David Ben-Gurion accepted the UN determined borders of Israel. Perhaps, Mr. Oren inhabits a different time zone of life.
2. He wants borders to be determined through negotiations. Who disagrees? President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been attempting for months to foster a solution through negotiations. President Abbas has promised to negotiate and the Arab League has accepted the existence of Israel, In fact, Abbas promised if Israel accepted the two state solution based on 1967 borders he would work to end all animosity toward Israel.
3. So called human rights organizations have been a powerful influence in defending the rights of imprisoned activists and work to protect the lives of thousands of those imprisoned for their beliefs.

Shame on you Ambassador Oren for spreading lies and distortion of history.