Israel Defiant And Stands For Conflict!

Benjamin Netanyahu is a determined man, determined to carry out his ideas regardless of the implication for his nation and the cause of peace. Many charge Netanyahu is insistent about the importance of constructing new housing in areas of Jerusalem in which Palestinians are the majority because his goal is to rebuild Jerusalem as a Jewish city. He shrugged off reports that his coalition is behind his stubborn refusal to display moderation in order to entice Palestinians to the negotiation table. “I, myself, plan to continue building in Jerusalem” and the coalition has nothing to do with it, and that better be understood by President Obama and Hillary! To make clear to one and all that Benjamin speaks for large numbers of Israelis, the Eretz Yisrael Lobby in the Knesset urged him to “oppose any gesture to the Palestinians as a condition for renewed talks.”

There is an old legend about an “Appointment in Samarra” in which a servant, seeing Death in the marketplace urges his master to flee to Samarra. After his master leaves, the servant meets Death in the marketplace and berates him for frightening his master. Death replies, ‘I was just passing through your city, I have an appointment in Samarra.”

Israel has an appointment in Samarra and it will meet Death in that place.