Israel Denies Palestinians Right To West Bank Housing

During the past seven years, the Israel government has pursued a consistent program of making it difficult to build housing on the West Bank. Accoording to the UN Office for the Coordiantion of Humanitarian Affairs, Israel also demolished 1,500 Palestinian owned structures while making it easy for Israelis to build on the West Bank. At present there are 3,000 demolition orders pending aganst Palestinian-owned structures in those areas. Quartet Middle east envoy, Tony Blair, told reporters earlier this month that Israel had agreed to reconsider some of its demolition orders.

The reality is that Israel has denied 94% of West Bank construction requests from Arabs. The West Bank was supposed to be part of a Palestinian state, but the continued Israel building makes it increasingly more difficult to create a Palestinian state that has economic viability while hindering opportunities for negatiation. The denial of Palestinian rights makes it more likely Palestinians will seek to support more radical elements like Hamas. In many ways, the blind Israel policy of West Bank construction contains the seeds for future violence.