Israel Denies Tension With Syria-al Qaeda Urges It

President Shimon Peres made clear “we have no intention at all of attacking Syria–Israel is not looking to go to war, and I hear that Syria says the same.” he blamed medida sources of attempting to c reate a crisis out of nothing by making inaccurate reports of Syrian forces moving up to the Israel border in preparation for conflict. Deputy Prime Minister Him Ramon derided effforts by Syria to engage in dialogue for peace. He insisted his “government is always looking to negotiate with Syria,” but “that government is stuck deep in the evil axis of connections with Hizbullah.” Of course, engaging in discussions might possibly reduce tension and move Syria into a different axis relationship.

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri pledged on Wednesday his group would atack israel and Jews throughout the world. “We promise our Muslim brothers that we will do the best we can to harm Jews in Israel and the world over with Allah’s help and according to his command.” He claimed his organiztion will take the fight to Jerusalem once American forces leave Iraq. The al-Qaeda leadeer also expressed anger at the UN for creating Israel and termed the organization an “enemy of Islam.” Mr. Zawahri also blasted the corrupt governments of Saudi Arabia and Egypt and predicted they would be vanquished.

There is no question al-Qaeda is an equal opportunity hater which may imply they will never cease operations because there is always some state which doesn’t agree with its standards for performance.