The United States vetoed a UN resolution which condemned continued building of settlements on the West Bank by the Israel government. Many years ago, the nation of Israel was welcomed by many nations for its advocacy of democracy and its desire for peace with Arab nations. Alas, those days belong to the past and today just about every nation in the world–other than the USA– is willing to place their views in a vote to condemn what everyone–other than Israel–regards as not only illegal, but a major impediment to peace. Israel Deputy Minister Daniel Ayalon hailed the US veto in the UN which he says proves the US is the only “righteous one” capable of standing up to Arab nations. In his analysis, only the US opposes resolutions denouncing West Bank construction. Israel political leaders have reached the point where they are simply unable to examine an opposing viewpoint without immediately waving the bloody flag of anti-Semitism.

American Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, after casting the veto added her view denouncing the “folly and illegitimate” settlement construction. In other words, according to current paranoia statements of the Israel government — the rest of the world is crazy, not us!