Israel Does Not Act As Nazis, It Simply Talks Like Nazis

I write as an American Jew who lost numerous relatives in the Holocaust, worked to help create a Holocaust museum, has developed educational materials to teach about the Holocaust and spent time studying in Israel. I would never compare actions of the Israel government with those of Nazi, Germany. There is no program in Israel to kill each and every Palestinian. However, when Israelis compare themselves to Jews in Europe during World War II who were faced with death by Nazi, Germany, it is time to demand a cease fire in this propaganda war to convince themselves and the world Israel faces destruction. An Israel army blockades Gaza, no Jews in Israel are being blockaded nor threatened with malnutrition. Palestinian soldiers did not board a ship jammed with Jews, Palestinian soldiers do not determine which foods and products Jews can purchase, Palestinian soldiers do not tell Jews if they can build a school. Jews in Israel are not the besieged as Jews were in Europe during the 1940s, Jews in Israel are the conquering army which determines how Palestinians can live.

Victimhood is a soothing reassurance to troubled individuals, it provides a frightened person with momentary solace. I can not speak for anyone other then myself, but when one who was proud of the establishment of the state of Israel now questions whether its leaders speak the language of Nazi, Germany, perhaps it is time for Israelis to examine why so many friends of Israel have lost confidence in its democratic nature.

I gather a popular joke among some Israelis is that Gaza is an example of “putting Palestinians on a diet.” Sorry, Israelis, but those were the exact words used by Nazis in referring to Jews in death camps.

  • http://yahoo Robert

    Zionists use the holocaust as a shield against attacks from Europeans. But the Zionists act exactly like the Nazis towards the Palestinians. Any who “dares” criticise their racist and evil policies is automatically labelled an “anti semite” doubt this comment won’t be submitted because the Jewish community hates any form of criticism.