Israel Doubts EU Can Solve Gaza Crisis

Israel officials expressed doubt the EU had any concrete proposal that would lead to an end of the bombing in Gaza. An official in the office of Prime Minister Olmert said his nation was not interested in EU monitors, but wanted an immediate end to rocket attacks and guarantees that smuggling of weapons into Gaza would end once and for all. “We don’t need ceremonial forces,” said the official. “What we need is a mechanism that can keep Hamas from rearming and there are regional powers as well as international players who can support such a goal.” However, many EU leaders believe step on is an immediate cease fire and an end to bombing on both sides. Israel Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni made clear: “When Israel is targeted, Israel is going to retaliate.”

It is increasingly clear Hamas made a terrible miscalculation by firing rockets. It assumed Israel would not take any violent reaction. It also assumed the world would prevent Israel from bombing and invading Gaza. Unfortunately, innocent people in Gaza are dying due to these mistakes of Hamas.

  • Mahmud from Gaza

    The EU will only help us by removing Hamas since they have poisoned and brainwashed our kids to kill and hate. Please watch this video and share it with the world: Children of Hamas:

  • Fred Stopsky

    thanks for the information

  • Marcos Méndez

    Fred, Give your comment to request an european diplomatic action in Middle East.
    In Spanish: Fred, secunda la iniciativa de los europeos por la paz en Oriente Próximo.