Israel Engineer’s Train Wreck

THREE YEARS AGO incoming President Barack Obama promised to work for peace in the Middle East. In the spring of 2009 he had  leverage on the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to force them to engage in honest negotiations with Palestinian authorities. As always, he flubbed the opportunity for peace. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is seeking recognition of the new state of Palestine despite warnings by President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. US Ambassador to Susan Rice warns Palestinians, “it will be much tougher after action here in New York.”

Reality check. Palestinians have waited three years and there is absolutely no evidence Netanyahu wants to negotiate other than requiring Palestinians to allow uncheck settlement of THEIR LAND by fanatic Jewish settlers. This request can be set aside very easy. All Israel has to do is:

1. Place a freeze on West Bank settlements.

2. Drop the ridiculous request that Israel has to be recognized as a “Jewish State” despite the fact 20%  of its inhabitants are NOT Jewish!

Abbas is prepared to swap West Bank land and allow about 80% of settlers to keep their stolen land. The only  one responsible for this mess is–BENJAMIN NETANYAHU!