Israel Faces Price Of Bigotry

The Israel government of Benjamin Netanyhu and his allies of bigotry seek to deny Palestinians in East Jerusalem of their rights to self government. Instead an Israel government has been imposed on Muslim inhabitants which claims to right to build homes for Jews and kick Palestinians out of their homes–all in the name of God or Security. However, there are thousands of Muslim children in East Jerusalem who are denied education because of their religion. The High Court of Justice has given the government five years to provide Muslim East Jerusalem classroom space so they can secure an education. The Court noted that “free education for all” is not merely a slogan but the obligation of a modern government. Only 40,000 of the 80,000 Muslim children in East Jerusalem attend public schools while the remainder attend private schools and parents pay the tuition. Netnayhu and other religious bigots offer blather about how Israel is fair to all citizens. Their words remind me of white Southerners during segregation who spent ten dollars on white children education for every dollar spent on a black child.

I write as a Jew whose mother in Poland at the beginning of the 20th century had to sit in the back of the room–where Jewish children sat. On her third day in class she raised her hand to ask a question and the teacher said: ‘I don’t answer questions from filthy Jewish girls.” She never returned to a classroom.

How dare Israel Jews act like that anti-Semitic bigot? In Israel, the “true Jew” is the Muslim child denied an equal education.