Israel Fights For Soul As A Nation

Republican presidential candidates vie for proving who is the most “Jewish” of them all which means anything done by the Israel government must be right. Few of these ignorant politicians have the slightest understanding of what really is happening in Israel as ultra-Orthodox seek to control the nation and transform the once secular democracy into a religious state. In towns like Beit Shemesh, where nearly 50% of the 100,000 people are ultra-Orthodox Jews, “modesty patrols” roam the streets making certain females dress in an appropriate manner, supposedly as Jews did 3,000 years ago.

Yaacov Margy, Minister of Religious Affairs, finally grasped that if ultra-Orthodox Jews gain power it will result in mass exodus of Jews who seek to live in a democratic society. Even he was furious at attacks by ultra-Orthodox on an 8 year old girl who was only Orthodox in her behavior and dress. “If they ganged up on an 8 year old girl this is something that must be uprooted. We have police, courts–anyone who is violent must be dealt with. But, we don’t have to go crazy.”

Sorry, the ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel ARE crazy. They want to impose their ideas of modesty and decorum to everyone. We advise Israel Orthodox Jews to migrate to Saudi Arabia which has its own version of  “modesty patrols.” It is clear ultra-Orthodox Jews and Muslim Orthodox Muslims are brothers and sisters under the skin.