Israel Fights On Alone

Human Rights Watch, dozens of nations and just about the entire world are informing Israel that it must cease provoking Palestinians by refusing to negotiate in good faith. That means it must freeze new settlements until some compromise is reached on the topic of the West Bank. HRW insists recent Israel shelling and bombing resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians. It even cited a specific example of destroying a home in which there were civilians, including children.

Naturally, the Netanyahu response is always–the world hates Jews, the world only gets upset when Jews kill people, and furthermore if Israel does kill innocent civilians it must stem from the fact they were not innocent civilians but secret terrorists. The five year old child was really a Hamas suicide bomber whose death prevented attacks on innocent Israeli civilians.

At some point hopefully reality will set in within Israel. A nation alone is just that, a nation alone. Shouting anti-Semitism can only go so far, but when former allies of Israel say enough is enough it means the time has come for Israel to cease being the target of hate and to join with Palestinians in order to end hate.