Israel Foreign Minister Denounces Hate Speech!

There is something ironic on Holocaust Remembrance Day for Israel Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman to utter a speech in which he denounces hate speech as a terrible crime against humanity. “We must stop the spread of anti-semitism in this way,” he cried. Of course, Avigdor Lieberman uses every foul expression when discussing Muslims and Palestinians who oppose the ideas of the current Israel government. He has curses, insulted, and even demanded the expulsion of Muslims from Israel, but, to this petty little twerp, Muslims are not human in his eyes. Avigdor Lieberman is living proof that people can endure horrible crimes and come away reading to inflict horrible crimes on others.

Every time Avigdor Lieberman opens his mouth and expresses his hatred of Palestinians and Muslims he insults the memory of every Jew who died in the Holocaust.

  • Archie Jughead

    Actually Lieberman is measured in his speech and he only responds to provocations from the Palestinians . The fact is that the West Bank was part of the original mandate the Administrative Power , at that time, the UK, gave to the JEWISH PEOPLE. The West bank was only allotted to Jordan, after WW2. Please note that Jordan did not exist until after WW1, as this whole area was administered by the Turks. Jordan is a newly minted country as is its king, it has no historical precedence whatsoever in this region. The royal family of Jordan are Hashemites and some sort of cousins to other Arab royals in the middle east, all of whom hate each other with a passion. None of them have a claim to Israel proper, or to Judea and Samaria, that supersedes the Jewish claim. This whole area was one big desert wasteland until the Jews began to re settle it in the 1800s and the Arabs from adjacent countries came in seeking work there was practically zero Arab settlement predating the return of the Jews.