Israel Frustrated By Syrian Peace Moves

The Israel government increasingly is frustrated as Syria continues its diplomatic fight to gain support from nations such as France and Turkey in its efforts to secure the peace it desires from Israel. President Bashar Assad recently met with President Sarkozy of France and Turkey’s prime minister, Erdogan. As one Israel diplomat commented, “He(Assad) no longer needs to negotiate with us. he got out of his isolation, and now can put us on hold. He is now trying to blame us for the postponement.”(of negotiations). However, Turkish prime minister Erdogan insisted peace talks are continuing.

The lack of imagination on the part of Israel leaders over the past several years is among the key factors resulting in an impasse in resolving issues with Palestinians. Some Israelis believe time is on their side, it is not. Assad has gone from being an isolated dictator to an individual who attracts the attention of world leaders.